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API Features

5 Reasons to Join Zazzle

  • Simple URL linkover-based API
  • Dynamic images and text on products
  • 15% referral rate + up to 17% volume bonus
  • 350+ products to customize
  • Set your own royalty rate

Start making money today!

Automatically create any Zazzle product from content on your site
Use images, text, or any combination of both
Control the layout and fonts used on your products
Lock certain design elements for branding purposes
Link to the Product Page or Design Tool
Control whether a product is customizable or not
We restrict the use of your products to your domain for security
Earn both referrals and volume bonus on top of royalties
350+ products that you can create
Easily provide users the ability to personalize their own products

APIs in Action provides the easiest and quickest way to get your Zazzle storefronts on Facebook. In just 3 easy steps, you'll be selling right from your facebook page -- for free! All of this is enabled through the use of Zazzle's highly scalable api and rss feed technologies. We surveyed the api of various providers in the print-on-demand space and Zazzle's technology has always proven to be a stand-out in this area. With Zazzle's help, we've now social-media-empowered the stores of artists, bands, charities, and others. Why not start building your Social-Media customer-base today?
BeFunky provides the largest online photo effects library and arms you with powerful photo editing options. The Zazzle API gives our users the opportunity to turn their digital creations into real products and it's very easy to integrate. Just one click in our application and you're ready to order your own unique prints. It's like running your own print shop without caring about all the hassle and shipment stuff. Recommended if you want to add some extra value to your business.
Zazzle was crucial to the success of our Obamicon.Me site. Product sales provided over 90% of the revenue from the site. Visitors could easily make their Obamicon and then add it to a wide variety of products in real time. We were amazed at the variety of products people ordered. Thanks to Zazzle, productizing Obamicon was easy, fun and lucrative.
Zazzle was ultimately the only solution that worked for our needs. We needed a solution that was easy to set up, and required almost zero maintenance. With a simple URL string we could pass our user's images to the Zazzle API and instantly the image is applied to their entire product catalog. Zazzle handles everything; payment collection, order fulfillment, and customer service. Once set up we just sit back and watch the orders roll in. In all we were up and running in less than one day of development time and have had zero down time with only minor maintenance issues. To top it off the folks at Zazzle provide world-class support, timely answers to emails, and the product quality is extremely high. There simply is no better option.

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