Dachshund Dad (paws)
Dachshund Evolution
Dachshund Mom (paws)
Dachshund Pretzel
Dachshund Through the Snow
Dachshund Ugly Christmas Sweater
Hello to my Little Friend
Quality German Engineering
Wiener Mom (Heart)
A Long Wiener is a Girl's Best Friend
Low Rider
Stubborn Dachshund Tricks
What Part of "Woof"...
Dachshund Security
Doxie Fiori
Property of a Dachshund
Doxie Fiori - Red
Dachshund Dad
Dachshund Dad v2
Dachshund Taxi Service
Danger: Tripping Hazard
Doxie - Long, Low & Lovable
Doxie Love
I Heart My Dachshund
I post pictures of my wiener on the internet
Rainbow Dachshunds
The Dogfather
The Dogmother
Wiener Dad
Wiener Does His Own Stunts
Wiener Lover
Wieners Lead the Way


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