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This gallery contains the paintings and photos for Laurel Latto. The artwork is often colorful and whimsical. The paintings are mostly rendered in watercolor and acrylic. Photography includes color, as well as, black and white images. The themes vary from inspirational to humorous fun. Subjects range from studio shots of flowers to natural landscapes. Many items from T-shirts to greeting cards are designed to allow customization. You can see products at www.donnabellas.com and portfolio images at www.lattoarts.com . Affiliated with DonnaBellas is the DonnaBellasAngels Zazzle gallery . The angel images in this gallery are transferred to this website. DonnaBellas Angels is a non-profit that provides inspirational and healing images to patients who have chronic or terminal illnesses and the patients' caregivers . The organization website is www.DonnaBellasAngels.org . Follow and "Like" us on Facebook! DonnaBellas Facebook Page .

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By Dave_Lawrance, 11/11/2010 about
Your store and designs are great. Very impressed!
By Nanda_illustrations, 25/05/2010 about
I Love your colourful artwork.
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