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AMIOT GALLERY - SPORT Designer of fine and elegant sport clothing and accessories for men, women, teens, and kids. Our clothes are sold all over the world: Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and US. Our Products: Clothing & Accessories - Sports Wear - Polo - Tops - T-shirts - Hats - Bags - Shoes - Sweat shirts - Jackets - Shirts - Totes - Barack Obama t-shirts & hats Amiot Gallery designs each piece of clothing and accessories with personal touch, style and elegance. Our intent is to help you (our customer) feel you. View 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts made in Africa : EDUN LIVE Visit our new store:AMIOKI GALLERY- AFRICAN SAFARI WEARS in recommended Safari colors

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"Love the look of your store"
By jadavision, 27/03/2010 about
Lovely designs, found you over and likreferral and glad that I did.
By cherrypicked, 20/02/2009 about
Hi there, thanks for the comment and for joining my fan club! You're the first! Loving your work, very elegant and the simplicity of your designs is fab!
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