20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
150th Anniversary of Multatuli
150th Anniversary of Yokohama Port
400th Anniversary of Galileo's First Telescope
Alexander Popov's Invention of the Radio
Alexander Pushkin's Birthday
Algerian Independence Day
Anniversary of the 'Miracle of Berne'
Argentina Independence Day
Australia Day
Austrian National Day
Bastille Day
Battle of Flowers in Laredo
Big Ben's 150th Anniversary
Bolivia Independence Day
Bozena Nemcova's Birthday
Canadian Thanksgiving
Charles Darwin's Birthday
China National Day
Chinese New Year
Christiaan Huygens' Birthday
Colombia Independence Day
Confucius' Birthday
Day of the Dead
Denmark's National Day
Discovery of the Aztec Sun Stone
Earth Day
Father Frost's Birthday
Father's Day
First Day of School
First Day of Summer
First Day of Winter
Girl's Day
Giuseppe Verdi's Birthday
Google's 11th Birthday
Grandparents' Day
Hans Christian Oersted's Birthday
Happy Halloween! (Part 1)
Happy Halloween! (Part 2)
Happy Halloween! (Part 3)
Happy Halloween! (Part 4)
Happy Holidays from Google (Part 1)
Happy Holidays from Google (Part 2)
Happy Holidays from Google (Part 3)
Happy Holidays from Google (Part 4)
Happy Holidays from Google (Part 5)

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