Columbus Hotel Miami Florida
Old Japan
1957 Laika the Space Dog
Vintage Politcal Images
1920 Yellowstone Park
Detroit to Buffalo Steamship
19th C. Eureka Wringer
19th C. Pigs Dream of Lard
Civil War New York Zouaves
Civil War Union Battle Flags
Confederate Chieftains
Civil War Recruitment Poster
19th C. Tibet
19th C. Lautz Soap
19th C. Snowball Fight
1870 Ice Skating Party in London
Studying the Torah
Japanese Prints
New York Prints
19th Batchelorhood
Vintage Parisian Nightlife Prints
1920 No German Products Poster
1926 Cherbourg France Poster
1900 Paris International Expo Poster
1920 Buy French Products Poster
1925 Paris Art Deco Poster
1913 French Carnival Poster
1912 French Carnaval
1928 Paris France Fair Poster
1920 French Industrial Expo
1925 Paris Luggage Label
19th C. French Patiotism
1923 Seafood Festival
1914 Lyon International Expo Poster
French Perfume Labels
Vintage Bicycle Posters
Vintage Aviation Posters, Designs
Vintage Railroad Prints, Designs, Posters
Vintage Maritime, Nautical Posters
Vintage Automotive Posters
Vintage Sports Posters + Prints
Vintage Womans Right to Vote Posters
1914 Expo for The Modern Woman
1907 Italian Battleship Roma
1925 Buy Italian Products Poster
1915  Garibaldi Victory Poster
1911 Turin Italy Poster
1923 Turin Photography Expo Poster

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