Wake Up Series
Affirmation Mugs
Affirmation Boards
Flower Affirmation Series
By Giving
No Act of Kindness
Love is my Religion
Radiate Love
Think Positive
What You Think
Keep Calm and in the Now
A Single Step
I AM Series
No Negative Thoughts Allowed
Share Your Happiness
Awesome Free Hugs!
Never Ever Give Up
Live Simply
Who Makes You Happy
Change Yourself
Wake Up With a Purpose
What Ever You Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy.
Through My Mind Quote Gandhi
World Peace Through Inner Peace
Dance Sing Live
Will Work for Peace
Wake Up and be Awesome
Positive Thoughts Create a Positive World
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
Wake Up and Live
Dream It and Achieve It
Find a Way or Make One
World Religious Peace
Choose Peace
Subtract Negativity Add Positivity
Choose Happy
The Other Side of Fear
Do More Happy
Be Your Own Guru
I Am Grateful
Peace Flower
Big Affirmations
Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude
Don't Worry Live Happy
The Best Dreams
Elegant Be the Change

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Welcome to Joyful Turtle Gifts! Joyful Turtle is all about spreading a positive and uplifting message through clothing and gifts! Positive affirmations change your thoughts and help you get rid of the negativity in your heart and in your life. A great way to reinforce your positive thinking and personal transformation is to surround yourself with positive thoughts! Wear you positive thoughts and discover positive affirmation gifts!