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Clinical Depression survivor, Latifa (Frozenfa) expresses her thoughts and feelings through her art. Encouraged by her friend, a fellow artist, Karin Taylor's trust and faith, Latifa started her own little business, selling their arts via prints, stationaries and accessories. Latifa's designs her humorous series - Twisted Inner Monsters Series and Emo Panda - Grim-chan Series (Available at her SilentCries Store). Fa loves little animals and so she shares her love for them via her "My Animal Friends Series". Also, as an outlet for all the disturbing and painful thoughts due to depression, she also creates a new series of works - SilentCries <www.zazzle.com/silentcries>. Fa hopes that through her art and designs, everyone can share their thoughts and feelings and know that they are not alone. "Wear Your Feelings" - Frozenfa

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