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***NEW *** Zazzle Associates Directory. If you would like to have your shop listed in our new directory just click on 'Zazzle Directory'' on the sidebar. Hi, my name is Otily Genira. I opened this shop because I love designing and creating new things. With my sales I hope to help support my family, and one day be able to become WAHM (a work at home mom), so I can be with my family 24/7 because I feel that the family needs mom at home. I hope you enjoy my products enough to make them your very own. I truly appreicate any and all support! God Bless, Otily Please FAVORITE and / or BOOKMARK this page as it may take you hours to find me again because of 30 billion items at Zazzle. If you see a Wedding Design that you like, and you want it on another product or to create you a matching set (Invitations, Envelopes , label, address labels, bottle labels, stamps, shirt, ect.) then please contact me at elyahweh84@yahoo.com and I will gladly tailor the design to fit the product of your choice. I cater to any occasion. *NEW* Creative Homemade Jewelry Some of the graphics in my store that I use to create my layout designs with I get from Scrappin Diva @ The Scrappin Diva! and http://www.fairyland-fantasy.com and http://resaletubes.com/ and http://sophisti-scraps.com/ and ©Scraps With Attitude and Silky

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By fch_agora, 18/01/2011 about
Thank you for joining my fan club, it's mutual now. Best wishes.
By keithBotilier, 29/11/2010 about
many thanks for joining my fan club.Your site and work is great. Keith
By Dave_Lawrance, 13/11/2010 about
Your store is great and you have some very nice original designs.
By zazuatzazzle, 16/10/2010 about
You have beautiful art! I am a fan! I hope you can become mom at home 24/7! I currently spend most of the week with my 2.5 y old boy and life is so much fun!
By Amy_Rizzlewitch, 07/10/2010 about
Love your store, I'm a fan!
By Tutsan, 29/08/2010 about
Nice designs! Well done! :D
"Hi thank you for joining my fc"
By Motivational_Gifts, 25/08/2010 about
Love your store and designs I am a fan
By Fallen_Angel_483, 22/08/2010 about
There is some really good quality stuff here. Thanks for joining my fanclub, the appreciation is mutual.
By easeband, 22/08/2010 about
Fantastic work.
By thetidywench65, 20/08/2010 about
Thanks for joining my FC -- really enjoyed your shop and love the vamp goth mousemat! All the best!!
"Thank you"
By SusieHawkins, 13/08/2010 about
Thank you for joining my Fan club. You have a great store and fantastic designs. I am now a fan of yours too. Have a great day. Susie. :)
By Madinagoodway, 31/05/2009 about
Thanx for joining my club!
By johnathan1986, 23/05/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club!
By clubcaferacer, 18/05/2009 about
nice stuff.. thanks for joining ma FC !
By codaimages, 17/05/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club, you have a really nice collection of designs!
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