Have a nice day
Hug me shark
Pengiun trooper
Space Golf
iPod and iPhone cases
Dog Cop
Tally Ho!
Graphic Stencil Mostly Human
Graphic Stencil Zombie Killer
Stencil Spray Battle Dumbo
Stencil Spray Pharoah Skull
Stencil Spray Royal Ape
Stencil Spray Space Ape
Stencil Apache Single
Stencil Apache Group
Stencil Royal Ape
Stencil Space Ape
Stencil Harrier Jet
Stencil Ripley Robot
Stencil Astronaut
Stencil Swiss Army Knife
Stencil Liberty Black
Stencil Liberty Colour
Graphic Alien Bug
Graphic Ant Purple
Graphic Ant Yellow
Graphic Ape
Graphic Astronaut
Graphic Chicken
Graphic Gas Mask 01
Graphic Gas Mask 02
Graphic Heart
Graphic Machine Gun
Graphic MiniGun
Graphic Scorpion
Graphic Six Shooter
Graphic Skull Blue
Graphic Skull White
Graphic Skull Yellow
Graphic Snake Orange
Graphic T-Rex Skull
Pixel Alien 01
Pixel Ant Black
Pixel Ant Blue Eyes
Pixel Ant Red Eyes
Pixel Bomb
Pixel Bull
Pixel Bullfight

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Purveyors of the finest in unique geek chic. Dont forget that all of our products are fully customizable so that you can tweak or change anything you like. Be sure to visit our other PixelChimp stores: http://www.zazzle.com/sloganjoe Connect with us for updates and goodies! Follow PixelChimp on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/pixelchimpreal Join the Official PixelChimp Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/PixelChimp-Clothing/252246124805793 Be part of the PixelChimp community on Squidoo: I feature other Zazzlers here http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/PixelChimp