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Rybird Music Creations
Music, Moving and Still Images Artist
Shreveport, LA  
I create art to feel alive, I create art because I feel alive. I started creating electronic rock music in 2006. I expanded the music into videos as part of a natural progression. I am now making art videos using my photographic works and my own music. "During the whole time, the cardinals, birds and squirrels were insidiously appearing with increasing relevance." Suffering from chronic illness, then a long depressing winter and desperate for some kind of positive therapy, I picked up a camera Early 2012 and and began my interaction with the birds. The result was amazing. " I suddenly found myself seeing the world and life around my as never before. Photography has the unique ability to renew and enlarge our awareness of the world around us. And it places us in it without any foreseen intention. " Ryibrd Electronic rock music, video and suburban nature photography round out the artistic side while science and philosophy along with fantasy and pure imagination live with humor. Author of
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JenB commented on Rybird 09/03/2011
"Highly Satisfied"
Impressive quality, fast service. Thanks!
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