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Awesome - Rainbow
Bro's Before Ho's
Can You Handle My Awesomeness?
Condoms? Action Figure Sleeping Bags
Don't ask to ride my bike...
Fucking Awesome!
I Beta tested your mom.
I Have A PH.D. ~ Pretty Huge Dick ~
I like boobies.
I Pee In The Shower
I'd Rather Be.... Mother's Ass...
I'm A Hot 18yr Old Blonde!
I'm Too Old For This Shit!
My daughter just came out of the closet...
My Girlfriend Said I Needed To Be More...
My son just came out of the closet...
Plain Clothes Officer
Recovering Trailer Trash
Save The Ales!
Secret Agent
Swine Flu Survivor
Team Awesome
This Tshirt Was Tested On Animals...
Video Games ruined my life...
WANTED - Meaningful Overnight Relationship
WARNING - Choking Hazard
WARNING- Retiree - Knows it all....
Wedgie Expert
Your Mom Was Here!