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Who is Somaya Reece? From gangs & jail, to records deals and movies. With over 30 million views and more than 865,000 friends, Somaya Reece, the 1 Latina artist on MySpace has successfully proven to be a viral marketing powerhouse! Somaya is a voluptuous vixen with 40-28-46 dimensions. It’s easy to see why this Salvadorian beauty from South Central was recently named the Hottest Latina in Music by Maxim en Español. Prior to unveiling her myspace page, in spite of her harsh upbringing, Somaya Reece accomplished an impressive and extensive resume. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Somaya Reece grew up in a garage to an immigrant Latino family cleaning houses as a maid with her mother. Refusing to be another statistic living “La Vida Loca” in gangs, jail, experiencing several wounded and deadly gang related death scares. Somaya Reece decided to change her life and began her journey to great accomplishments. Somaya Reece has proven to be more than a triple threat in mainstream media. A professionally trained actress under the guidance of Aaron Speiser who has been responsible for the impeccable acting techniques behind many of today’s A-list actors-Somaya Reece’s diverse talent has successfully crossed over from acting, to being the most successful independent artist of our time. Somaya’s DIY technique, a unique digital approach of viral marketing has fans and media across the world talking. She has single handedly crossed over into the UK radio stations, building a massive fan base. Somaya’s music has been received in the music industry with open arms and was even called the Latina Missy Elliot with the late Selena’s humble approach. Due to Somaya’s life experiences she began to make it her mission to share her story in order to prevent others from going down the wrong path. To inspire and motive others. Somaya Reece is actively involved in the community both as a role model and public speaker. Somaya volunteers her time to traveling across the US on a consistent basis delivering the message of hope, and motivation by sharing her personal life story of struggle. Somaya’s first visit to the military made her a popular public speaker and was invited back quarterly to speak to the families of the military USMC and US Army. Her works began making noise in her local community and as a result Somaya was personally invited by well respected activist Tavis Smiley to be a celebrity speaker along side the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. The project “The Road to Health Tour” involved speaking to children ages 5-13 of the Los Angeles and Ventura county public LAUSD schools. Somaya was also asked by radio station 93.5 KDAY to be a part of their “Feed The Homies Project,” visiting and serving food to shelters of recovering drug addicts on Thanksgiving and Christmas. As a musician, Somaya “Boss” Reece AKA Bossy Montana, beginning at the early age of 9, she was inspired by the late Celia Cruz to play the violin earning her honors as the lead in her public school choir, and now turning down 3 record deals. Somaya has independently achieved over 3.3 million spins in just ten and a half weeks for her debut single “Mira Mi Pum Pum”, debuting on The “Latino Top 20 Countdown” show with Nico Jones on popular Latin radio station, Latino 96.3. Her second single a club/dance mix “Girls Night” produced by The Pharmacy reached over 1 million spins in less than 10 weeks! Somaya Reece’s music has hit 1 in the top ranked music charts of Imeem and myspace. She held her spot along side all of today’s popular and recognizable artists, Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, Shakira etc. Somaya’s music in America began to open doors across the world and the European market began listening. In Sept of 2009, Somaya Reece’s music successfully began the cross over into the UK. In Sept of 2009, Somaya’s single “Ooh Baby Baby” was played on rotation at Liberty Radio and Europe’s top radio station Choice FM. Somaya’s mass appeal and experimental music was received with open arms. It has continued to grow into the UK market and is now a regular in the red carpet circuit and media of Wireimage and Getty Images. In February of 2010, Somaya Reece’s in demand viral presence caught the eye of several major record labels, leading to offers of a recording contract. After several months of negotiating, Somaya Reece signs a full distribution record deal with INgrooves and Universal Records as their partner. INgrooves is one of the largest, respectable digital media infrastructure company that provides various distribution and marketing services. Somaya Reece’s first single “Tramp” off of album “Miss Opinionated” released virally as a “listening” record on “The TMZ of Hip Hop” www.VladTV.com Becoming the most controversial, highest viewed/commented record within a 48 hour period 450,000 plays to date. Tramp then released on iTunes Feb 23,, 2010. Within the first 4 hours of release. Somaya’s single Tramp made headlines again. iTunes places Tramp on their front page news under “News and Noteworthy” next to today’s popular recording artists. Miss Opinionated is due to release summer of 2010. Somaya Reece has begun working with billboard charting producers for her album “Miss Opinionated” such as Scoop Deville (Snoop Dogg, Murs, Cypress Hill, Baby Bash), 1500 or Nothin (Estelle, Game, T.I), Andre Merritt (Chris Brown, Rihanna), Nifty Trick, 1500 or Nothin, The Pharmacy (Taryn Manning, Britney Spears) , and Qura Rankin AKA 007 Blaq (Christina Aguilera, Pink, PussyCat Dolls). As a radio personality. Somaya Reece’s online presence continue to buzz, catching the eye of Now Media Corp. After several months of negotiations Somaya Reece was offered her own “Hip Hop” radio show “The Buzz”…! Where she showcased unsigned artists, underground hip hop, and Latin music. The shows highlight, “the rap battles” where artists freestyled to win prizes. The format of “The Buzz” consisted of a George Lopez comedic approach. Mixing hip hop and comedy all in one. It rapidly became the most viewed online/sattelite radio show, charting in the TOP 10 of the Nation. Somaya Reece had a successful 1 year run mid 2006-2007 with the Now Live Media Corp. Bringing on such talents as, Scoop Deville, award winning music video/film director Jesse Terrero, Latin artist Veze Skante, George Lopez Loco Comedy Jams Mike Robles, Strong Arm Steady, MTV’s casting directors and many more. As a commercially recognized persona, she has appeared in high-profile campaigns for Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Colgate, Pepsi, Budweiser, and Coors Light. As a TV personality, when Somaya’s career began to soar, national television networks took notice. Somaya was invited by producers of the Dr Phil show to come on board and share her story. Dr Phil told Somaya “Your music is very good, you set a great example to young women”, her show became one of the most talked about. In 2008 alone Somaya was nominated “Internet Hottie” By Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. “Hottest Woman on the Web” by E! Television and Telemundo calls her “The Latina Jessica Rabbit.” As an actress, she has participated in American Psycho (2002), The Scorpion King (2002), Ride or Die (2003), Miss Cast Away (2004), GB2525 (2008), The Girl From The Naked Eye (2009), Go For It (2009), and in the hit television shows on The UPN Network Girlfriends and HBO’s Entourage. Media contact: Brendan Leong srbookings@gmail.com

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