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Hello, I'm Neil. If you find inspiration or a smile among these items, then that makes me smile too. I've never found drawing and painting natural. It's always taken some considerable concentration. I am fortunate however to have some skill in direction, and coupled with a persistent nature, I've managed to work computers...and voilà! I've really enjoyed setting-up this shop; Zazzle is full of wonderful artists and visionaries. It is a pleasure to see enlightening and emotionally intelligent expression from anyone - and now you can place it on your wall as a poster, to inspire you as you work on your computer, or have it on your coffee mug as you relax to read a book. If you find some of the words uplifting here, then perhaps you'd also like to take a look at my facebook too. Or if you happen to pass through this store to another, perhaps you'll remember a line or two from one of my products - as that would be super cool. Thank-you!