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Chagrin Falls, Ohio, United States
Store opened on 15/10/2006

Store Description

Educated at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, I have been creating art ever since I could hold a pencil in very early childhood. Drawing is therapeutic and relaxing to me, an escape from our stress-filled world. Most artwork you see has been done in less than one day, I work very fast. Creating artwork is a passion of mine, causing much publicity in my childhood and into adulthood. My work has been the subject of television and print media here and there throughout the years. I myself am more of a private person, a workaholic who just loves to draw and paint. My paintings, designs and products are worldwide, I've lived in other countries and studied the flora and fauna of tropical climates extensively. If it moves or blooms, I've probably drawn it.

Inspired By

My focus has been strictly on drawing and painting nature; animal and botanical art. The conservation and protection of animals (both domestic and wild) is important to me. Many of my drawings and paintings are in collections of animal/nature-friendly organizations like natural science museums, zoos, botanical gardens and nature parks, to name a few.

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