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ValxArt Zodiac Scorpio Metal Monkey 1980 1920
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ValxArt Zodiac Scorpio Metal Monkey 1980 1920
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Made by Zazzle Paper
Sold by Zazzle
Designed by ValxArt
Orientation: Postcard

Keep in touch with Zazzle custom postcards! Add your favourite image to a blank postcard or say "Hello" with a pre-existing design. Save paper and send a note without wasting envelopes!

  • 4.25" x 5.6" (portrait) or 5.6" x 4.25" (landscape).
  • Printed on ultra-heavyweight (120 lb.) card stock with a gloss finish.
  • No minimum order.

About the Design

ValxArt Zodiac Scorpio Metal Monkey 1980 1920
ValxArt Zodiac Scorpio Metal Monkey 1980 1920 2040 is the perfect birthday gift with horoscope or blank inside on 30 items including mugs, cups, hats, t-shirts , magnets and is a unique Zodiac EAST MEETS WEST friendship gift to say Happy Birthday that combines Chinese zodiac symbols and element signs on useable items that can be personalised with names or forecast suiting zodiac combination at* ValxArt has zodiac art for every spoke of the zodiac wheel with a zodiac wheel of life poster , zodiac calendars.. , 144 zodiac Friendship Mugs , Star sign and Moon signs on coffee mugs, and astrology cusp coffee cups that can be customised, or with horoscope forecast, including ValxArt zodiac coffee and beer mugs , ValxArt Hats , ValxArt bags , Valxart iPhone cases and iPad cases. . If you do not see desired design, contact to get links. Everyone is welcome to see more at To create custom products using Valxart, or to license or sell by becoming affiliate seller of Valxart, email artist at for information. You can Search google for ValxArt ... See all ValxArt EAST MEETS WEST art on ValxArt has over 9000 surreal , abstact and nature art customisable art at Valxart Stores Valxart Main Zodiac, ipad cases, iphone cases Valxart Posters and prints Valxart San Francisco Valxart UFO OUTPOST Valxart Music Art Valxart Nature designs Valxart Greeting Cards Valxart of America USA Valxart for children clothes WHAT CHINESE ZODIAC YEAR AND SIGN ARE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS? ARE YOU BORN ON ZODIAC CUSP? Look below and learn. See ValxArt's years of Chinese Zodiac poster chinese_zodiac_years_poster-... WHAT ZODIAC SIGN ARE YOU ? Aries People born between March 21 - April 19 are born on sun sign See Aries mug gifts .. Taurus People born between April 20 - May 20 are born on sun sign Taurus See Taurus gifts.. Gemini People born between May 21 - June 21 are within sun sign Gemini. See Gemini gifts.. Cancer People born between June 22 - July 22 are born within sun sign cancer. SeeCancer gifts.. Leo People born between July 23 - August 22 are born within sun sign Leo. See Leo gifts.. Virgo People born between August 23 - September 22 are born sun sign Virgo See Virgo gifts.. Libra People born between September 23 - October 23 are born in sun sign Libra. See Libra gifts.. Scorpio People born October 24 - November 21 are born sun sign Scorpio See Scorpio gifts.. Sagittarius born November 22 -December 21 are born sun sign Sagittarius. See Sagittarius gifts.. Capricorn People born December 22 - January 19 born sun sign Capricorn. See Capricorn gifts.. Aquarius People born January 20 - February 18 are born on sun sign Aquarius. See Aquarius gifts . Pisces People born between February 19 - March 20 are born in sun sign Pisces. See Pisces gifts... ARE you BORN on a ZODIAC CUSP? Zodiac cusp are days of transition between signs, some believe combine qualities of 2 zodiac signs and have defined qualitities. See valxArt Cusp mugs at valxart cusp mugs Aries Taurus Cusp April 18.19,20,21,22, 23 Taurus Gemini Cusp May 18,19,20,21,22, 23 Gemini Cancer Cusp June 19 ,20,21,22, 23, 24 Cancer Leo Cusp July 20 ,21,22, 23,24, 25 Leo virgo cusp Aug 21,22, 23,24, 25, 26 Virgo Libra Cusp Sept 20,21,22, 23,24, 25 Libra Scorpio Cusp Oct 20,21,22, 23,24, 25 Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp Nov 20 ,21,22, 23,24, 25 Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp Dec 19 ,20, 21,22, 23,24, Capricorn Aquarius Cusp Jan 18,19,20,21,22, 23 Aquarius Pisces Cusp Feb 17 ,18.19,20,21, 22 Pisces Aries Cusp March 18,19,20,21,22, 23 People born on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,27,28,29 30 31 are within normal zodiac signs. WHAT ARE YOU IN CHINESE ZODIAC YEARS ? Below is a list of 60 Chinese zodiac years and associated elements. The chinese zodiac symbols repeats cycle every 60 years, starting Feb 4 of each year. Year start to stop year , element animal second year start to stop Feb 4,1930 to Feb 3,1931 YANG METAL HORSE Feb 4,1990 to Feb 3,1991... Feb 4,1931 to Feb 3,1932 YIN METAL SHEEP Feb 4,1991 to Feb 3,1992... Feb 4,1932 to Feb 3,1933 YANG WATER MONKEY Feb 4,1992 to Feb 3,1993... Feb 4,1933 to Feb 3,1934 YIN WATER ROOSTER Feb 4,1993 to Feb 3,1994 ... Feb 4,1934 to Feb 3,1935 YANG WOOD DOG Feb 4,1994 to Feb 3,1995... Feb 4,1935 to Feb 3,1936 YIN WOOD BOAR-PIG Feb 4,1995 to Feb 3,1996 ... Feb 4,1936 to Feb 3,1937 YANG FIRE RAT Feb 4,1996 to Feb 3,1997... Feb 4,1937 to Feb 3,1938 YIN FIRE OX-BULL Feb 4,1997 to Feb 3,1998... Feb 4,1938 to Feb 3,1939 YANG EARTH TIGER Feb 4,1998 to Feb 3,1999... Feb 4,1939 to Feb 3,1940 YIN EARTH RABBIT Feb 4,1999 to Feb 3,2000... Feb 4,1940 to Feb 3,1941 YANG METAL DRAGON Feb 4,2000 to Feb 3,2001... Feb 4,1941 to Feb 3,1942 YIN METAL SNAKE Feb 4,2001 to Feb 3,2002... Feb 4,1942 to Feb 3,1943 YANG WATER HORSE Feb 4,2002 to Feb 3,2003... Feb 4,1943 to Feb 3,1944 YIN WATER SHEEP Feb 4,2003 to Feb 3,2004... Feb 4,1944 to Feb 3,1945 YANG WOOD MONKEY Feb 4,2004 to Feb 3,2005... Feb 4,1945 to Feb 3,1946 YIN WOOD ROOSTER Feb 4,2005 to Feb 3,2006... Feb 4,1946 to Feb 3,1947 YANG FIRE DOG Feb 4,2006 to Feb 3,2007... Feb 4,1947 to Feb 3,1948 YIN FIRE PIG Feb 4,2007 to Feb 3,2008... Feb 4,1948 to Feb 3,1949 YANG EARTH RAT Feb 4,2008 to Feb 3,2009... Feb 4,1949 to Feb 3,1950 YIN EARTH OX Feb 4,2009 to Feb 3,2010... Feb 4,1950 to Feb 3,1951 YANG METAL TIGER Feb 4,2010 to Feb 3,2011... Feb 4,1951 to Feb 3,1952 YIN METAL RABBIT Feb 4,2011 to Feb 3,2012... Feb 4,1952 to Feb 3,1953 YANG WATER DRAGON Feb 4,2012 to Feb 3,2013... Feb 4,1953 to Feb 3,1954 YIN WATER SNAKE Feb 4,2013 to Feb 3,2014... Feb 4,1954 to Feb 3,1955 YANG WOOD HORSE Feb 4,2014 to Feb 3,2015... Feb 4,1955 to Feb 3,1956 YIN WOOD SHEEP Feb 4,2015 to Feb 3,2016... Feb 4,1956 to Feb 3,1957 YANG FIRE MONKEY Feb 4,2016 To Feb 3,2017... Feb 4,1957 to Feb 3,1958 YIN FIRE ROOSTER Feb 4,2017 to Feb 3,2018... Feb 4,1958 to Feb 3,1959 YANG EARTH DOG Feb 4,2018 to Feb 3,2019... Feb 4,1959 to Feb 3,1960 YIN EARTH PIG-BOAR Feb 4,2019 to Feb 3,2020... Feb 4,1960 to Feb 3,1961 YANG METAL RAT Feb 4,2020 to Feb 3,2021... Feb 4,1961 to Feb 3,1962 YIN METAL OX Feb 4,2021 to Feb 3,2022... Feb 4,1962 to Feb 3,1963 YANG WATER TIGER Feb 4,2022 to Feb 3,2023... Feb 4,1963 to Feb 3,1964 YIN WATER RABBIT Feb 4,2023 to Feb 3,2024... Feb 4,1964 to Feb 3,1965 YANG WOOD DRAGON Feb 4,2024 to Feb 3,2025... Feb 4,1965 to Feb 3,1966 YIN WOOD SNAKE Feb 4,2025 to Feb 3,2026... Feb 4,1966 to Feb 3,1967 YANG FIRE HORSE Feb 4,2026 to Feb 3,2027... Feb 4,1967 to Feb 3,1968 YIN FIRE SHEEP Feb 4,2027 to Feb 3,2028... Feb 4,1968 to Feb 3,1969 YANG EARTH MONKEY Feb 4,2028 to Feb 3,2029... Feb 4,1969 to Feb 3,1970 YIN EARTH ROOSTER Feb 4,2029 to Feb 3,2030... Feb 4,1970 to Feb 3,1971 YANG METAL DOG Feb 4,2030 to Feb 3,2031... Feb 4,1971 to Feb 3,1972 YIN METAL BOAR-PIG Feb 4,2031 to Feb 3,2032... Feb 4,1972 to Feb 3,1973 YANG WATER RAT Feb 4,2032 to Feb 3,2033... Feb 4,1973 to Feb 3,1974 YIN WATER OX Feb 4,2033 to Feb 3,2034... Feb 4,1974 to Feb 3,1975 YANG WOOD TIGER Feb 4,2034 to Feb 3,2035... Feb 4,1975 to Feb 3,1976 YIN WOOD RABBIT Feb 4,2035 to Feb 3,2036... Feb 4,1976 to Feb 3,1977 YANG FIRE DRAGON Feb 4,2036 to Feb 3,2037... Feb 4,1977 to Feb 3,1978 YIN FIRE SNAKE Feb 4,2037 to Feb 3,2038... Feb 4,1978 to Feb 3,1979 YANG EARTH HORSE Feb 4,2038 to Feb 3,2039... Feb 4,1979 to Feb 3,1980 YIN EARTH SHEEP Feb 4,2039 to Feb 3,2040... Feb 4,1980 to Feb 3,1981 YANG METAL MONKEY Feb 4,2040 to Feb 3,2041... Feb 4,1981 to Feb 3,1982 YIN METAL ROOSTER Feb 4,2041 to Feb 3,2042... Feb 4,1982 to Feb 3,1983 YANG WATER DOG Feb 4,2042 to Feb 3,2043... Feb 4,1983 to Feb 3,1984 YIN WATER BOAR-PIG Feb 4,2043 to Feb 3,2044... Feb 4,1984 to Feb 3,1984 YANG WOOD RAT Feb 4,2044 to Feb 3,2045... Feb 4,1985 to Feb 3,1986 YIN WOOD OX Feb 4,2045 to Feb 3,2046... Feb 4,1986 to Feb 3,1987 YANG FIRE TIGER Feb 4,2046 to Feb 3,2047... Feb 4,1987 to Feb 3,1988 YIN FIRE RABBIT Feb 4,2047 to Feb 3,2048... Feb 4,1988 to Feb 3,1989 YANG EARTH DRAGON Feb 4,2048 to Feb 3,2049... Feb 4,1989 to Feb 3,1990 YIN EARTH SNAKE Feb 4,2049 to Feb 3,2050... Feb 4,1990 to Feb 3,1991 YANG METAL HORSE Feb 4,2050 to Feb 3,2051...
Designed By ValxArt :

About the Maker

From beautiful, crafted stationary and letterhead to uber sleek business cards and labels, Zazzle Paper Products make offline correspondence an art. Well-designed paper products symbolize professionalism and personality. It’s also pretty easy, really. There are a countless thousands (er… millions) of templates, from elegant and chic to witty and punny. Choose from those or, if you’re aching to unleash your inner designer, you can customize your own from scratch. Whether you’re going corporate commando or wedding diva, give a nod to good, old fashioned etiquette with the best paper options on the planet. All of Zazzle’s paper products are produced out of our brand new, state-of-the-art printing facility in San Jose, California. We use quite literally the most cutting-edge digital printing technologies in the world in order to offer the highest quality, greatest breadth of options, and fastest turnaround. We're pretty proud to be manufacturing right in the heart of Silicon Valley and we hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you.
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ValxArt Zodiac Scorpio Metal Monkey 1980 1920

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