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By Vesna Dharma, 09/04/2012 about
thanks for your visit here
"Hi Vesna!"
By AbacusArt, 20/12/2011 about
Thank you so much for your visit. I love your Canvas Shoes' great work!!
"dear Stanley"
By Vesna Dharma, 08/04/2011 about
thank you so much, I had some problems with my computer lately and still have with my zazzle store page, it always write me the message to refresh the page, I can't work on my designs for the moment. thank you once again, I will wrote you , when I fix it :)
By VesnaDharma, 20/02/2011 about
you're welcome, thanks:)))
By VesnaDharma, 10/02/2011 about
THANK you both, for your sweet comments
By VesnaDharma, 28/01/2011 about
thank you for your visit here
By VesnaDharma, 21/01/2011 about
hi, thank you:))))))
By zazuatzazzle, 21/01/2011 about
Hi Vesna! Thanks for joining my fan club! Love your designs!
By VesnaDharma, 12/01/2011 about
thank you very much, to all visitors here I whish happy and successful year
By VesnaDharma, 14/12/2010 about
thanks to everyone, nice holidays to all:)
By VesnaDharma, 30/11/2010 about
thank you for best whises:)
By VesnaDharma, 14/11/2010 about
thank you very much, I am very happy for this award:)))))
By VesnaDharma, 11/11/2010 about
thank you everyone, who have come in my store and join my fun club, I was in vacation, so I couldn't answer before, thanks, have beautiful day full of creativity, love
By thetidywench65, 03/10/2010 about
Thank you for the lovely comment on my shop, I very much appreciate it. Gorgeous designs here, truly inspiring!
By VesnaDharma, 02/10/2010 about
I appriciate your visit here, thanks a lot
By VesnaDharma, 28/09/2010 about
thank you very much, I am glad you like it:)))
By VesnaDharma, 27/09/2010 about
thanks to all:)
By VesnaDharma, 27/09/2010 about
thank you Vitaliy for your visit here:)))))
By VesnaDharma, 26/09/2010 about
thank you both, for stopping by and joining my fan club
By VesnaDharma, 25/09/2010 about
thank you all, happy happy:)))
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55 results
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