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You're welcome to visit My Dream Art store. Some mandalas, dreamy and space posters, prints you'll find here. Energy mugs with my design invite you, to enjoy drinking your favourite tea or coffee. For surfing on web, I have made dreamy mousepads. Enjoy.

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By VesnaDharma, 09/04/2012 about
thanks for your visit here
"Hi Vesna!"
By AbacusArt, 20/12/2011 about
Thank you so much for your visit. I love your Canvas Shoes' great work!!
"dear Stanley"
By VesnaDharma, 08/04/2011 about
thank you so much, I had some problems with my computer lately and still have with my zazzle store page, it always write me the message to refresh the page, I can't work on my designs for the moment. thank you once again, I will wrote you , when I fix it :)
By VesnaDharma, 20/02/2011 about
you're welcome, thanks:)))
By VesnaDharma, 10/02/2011 about
THANK you both, for your sweet comments
By VesnaDharma, 28/01/2011 about
thank you for your visit here
By VesnaDharma, 21/01/2011 about
hi, thank you:))))))
By zazuatzazzle, 21/01/2011 about
Hi Vesna! Thanks for joining my fan club! Love your designs!
By VesnaDharma, 12/01/2011 about
thank you very much, to all visitors here I whish happy and successful year
By VesnaDharma, 14/12/2010 about
thanks to everyone, nice holidays to all:)
By VesnaDharma, 30/11/2010 about
thank you for best whises:)
By VesnaDharma, 14/11/2010 about
thank you very much, I am very happy for this award:)))))
By VesnaDharma, 11/11/2010 about
thank you everyone, who have come in my store and join my fun club, I was in vacation, so I couldn't answer before, thanks, have beautiful day full of creativity, love
By thetidywench65, 03/10/2010 about
Thank you for the lovely comment on my shop, I very much appreciate it. Gorgeous designs here, truly inspiring!
By VesnaDharma, 02/10/2010 about
I appriciate your visit here, thanks a lot
By VesnaDharma, 28/09/2010 about
thank you very much, I am glad you like it:)))
By VesnaDharma, 27/09/2010 about
thanks to all:)
By VesnaDharma, 27/09/2010 about
thank you Vitaliy for your visit here:)))))
By VesnaDharma, 26/09/2010 about
thank you both, for stopping by and joining my fan club
By VesnaDharma, 25/09/2010 about
thank you all, happy happy:)))
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