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The Founder and CEO of WHAT'Z DA COUNT is not just another guy wanting to get into the T Shirt business and sell apparel at your local swap meets and stores. He had a vision and a plan several years ago about WHAT'Z DA COUNT as a brand. The CEO states "my goal is to make "WHAT'Z DA COUNT" a global brand that will bind over into licensing deals with major sports teams, soft drink company's across the country...from local parks to the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and the WNBA... Also my goal is to have WHAT'Z DA COUNT endorsed by a sports figures in each sport." The CEO also posed this question "have you ever walked into a sports bar, arena, or a Basketball court in the gym or in the park and wanted to know what the score was of a game, Just by saying "WHAT'Z DA COUNT", you are guaranteed to get the score. The logo is the WHAT'Z DA COUNT with the two question marks. The consumer can choose from WHAT'Z DA COUNT current catalog of sport logos. Also with special orders the company can make the dots in the question marks reflect whatever sport you want it to be, and you can add your own logo or any sports logo to fit your team need. I can cover all sports. You will be able to order individual items such as a T-Shirt, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Caps, Beanies, Stickers and Dog Tags/Pendants. You will be able to choose from the company's logos and stock and customize the color of your choice. So now represent your favorite sport with the hottest new sports logo of the Century...The WHAT'Z DA COUNT Pick your favorite sports logos, customize it and wear it...Soon you will be able to order your favorite sports apparel. From T-Shirts to Hats to whatever you can think of. For Teams Sports you can order WHAT'Z DA COUNT logo with your team colors and sports you play and or coach... If you are a up and coming player or an established one, and you need a logo for your sports shirt, endorsement deals are possible so let's talk business. WHAT'Z DA COUNT

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