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more than just a studyblr
Concord, MA
I'm Edye, better known amongst the studyblr community as academla. I've had my blog since August 2015, and have been incredibly lucky to watch it develop into something that is far more personal to me than simply a place to reblog study tips and stationery. As a full time student paying my own way through college and coping with mental illness, I hope to be relatable to others, and to ensure that nobody feels alone. I have always been transparent about my life and my struggles and have shown the most true, honest, and real side of myself in the hopes of inspiring others. I value hard work over grades, kindness over popularity, and resilience over perfection. I've always wanted to create merchandise designed by myself, with the goal of generating products that promote the positivity I aspire to spread through my blog. I want to make them affordable, without prioritizing any of my own gain, especially as I know that many of my followers are students with no more money to spare than I do. (That being said, every cent that goes into my bank account is a cent that goes towards my college education, so purchases do help me over time!) Please enjoy my store and consider purchasing something personalized by academla – more than just a studyblr.
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