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Lansing, MI
On 9/1/15, a woman named Pam posted in a local law enforcement support group about doing something for National Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day.  The discussion began with suggestions of baking cookies to deliver to local departments, then expanded to the possibility of a BBQ at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge, MI.  As conversations continued, it quickly became apparent that we wanted to do more; we wanted to go bigger, to find a way to combat the negativity we had been seeing directed toward law enforcement.  From that, the Blue Crew was formed, and immediately got to work planning the first Backing the Blue Rally at the Michigan State Capitol Building.  The Backing the Blue Rally is now an annual event, made possible by the continued generosity of several sponsors and helpers.  Backing the Blue, Michigan has continued to grow since the Blue Crew formed in 2015.  We became a registered nonprofit (501(c)3 pending) in April 2017, began planning our Policeman’s Ball, and started the Grant Whitaker Scholarship Fund.  We look forward to continued growth in years to come.
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