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Bernie For Change
Bernie Sanders for President 2016, Take America back from Billionaires
"Democrat Bernie Sanders represents the core values of America. The values of those fleeing oppressive ruling European aristocrats. The 2016 election is not about liberal vs conservative. It's about change. It's about throwing out the establishment's old fogies. Democrat Bernie Sanders is change. He is the face of change. If you want change, if you need change, you must vote change! You can't get change from an old fogey. The fogies represent the same ol' same' ol. Progressives want change from a sincere, passionate Democrat Bernie Sanders. Only someone with vision is able to see the future possibilities. That person is Democrat Bernie Sanders! Being liberal today is more than Democratic. It is being liberal, progressive in the face of the establishment. The early Americans who fled Europe, faced an uncertain future in a new land. They knew change was inevitable, but the Americans faced the change the way only Americans can - with a confidence that the future would be better for all of them. So change the direction America is heading. Take back America from the millionaires and billionaires and make America great again!"
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