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Big Red Heart I Love My OMA V06 Baby T-Shirt


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  • Detail - Neck (in White)
    Detail - Neck (in White)
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Big Red Heart I Love My OMA V06 Baby T-Shirt
Designed for youby All Celebrations JACLINART
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Style: Baby Fine Jersey T-Shirt

Your search for the ultimate basic infant t-shirt is officially over. This cotton tee is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. It's available in basic and not-so-basic colours, from red, white and blue to key lime, lavender and raspberry. Dress it down with jeans or up with khakis. No matter how your little guy or gal wears it, it's guaranteed to be in style.

Size & Fit
  • Standard fit
  • Fits true to size

  • Fabric & Care
  • 4.5 oz (127.6 g), 100% combed ring spun cotton jersey
  • Double-needle hemmed sleeve
  • EasyTear™ label
  • White is sewn with 100% cotton thread
  • Machine washable. Washing before first use is recommended

  • Fully committed to providing high quality and safe products, all Zazzle baby products are compliant with the United State's Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant. Tracking label available in side seam.
    About This Design
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    Big Red Heart I Love My OMA V06 Baby T-Shirt
    Big Red Heart I Love My OMA V06. Are you the proud grandmother of the the cutest grandkid ever? Show the love with this cute I love my grandma tee with its big red heart. Text is customisable so you can change " grandma " to whatever name you're called. All text is customisable, so you can also modify for other family members, including mother, mum, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, cousin, niece, grandmother, great-grandmother, granddaughter, godmother, goddaughter, fiancée, girlfriend, stepsister, stepmom, stepdaughter, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, or as a sweet gift for a best friend. Interesting family quotes: Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back. -John Ruskin Parents need all the help they can get. The strongest as well as the most fragile family requires a vital network of social supports. -Bernice Weissbourd People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people's families. The only family that ever horrifies you is your own. -Douglas Coupland Here's a fun alphabetical list over over 300 names for grandmother! Includes playful, trendy, international, and traditional grandmother names. A-May Abba Aimee Ama Ami Ammy Babe Babo Bacca Bama Bamaw Bamba Bambi Bamboo Bamma Bammaw Banana Beemer Bella Big Gram Big Mama BiggieMa BiggieMama Birdie BonBon Booma Boomie Bubbie Bubbie Bubbles Bubby Bunny CeCe Cha-cha Chatty Ciaba CiCi Coco Cookie Dally DaMa Dama Dammaw Dandy Dear Dearie DearMa Dizzy Dodie Doodie Dooty Eema Eemaw Ema Fammy Fancy Faux-Ma Fo-Ma, Foxy G G-Dawg G-ma G-Mum G.M. Gabbi Gabby Gada GadGee Gadget Gadgi Gadgy GaGa GaMa Gami Gamma Gammi Gammy GandyMom GanGan GanGee Gangy Gani Ganna Ganni Ganny Geda Geeda GeeMa GeezerGirl GG Gidget Ginja Gita Gitchey Glamama Glamma Glammy Go-Go Gogi GoGo GoMa Gommie Gommy Gram Grama Gramma Grammar Grammie Grammug Grammy Gramommie Grampoo Grams Granan Granana Grananny Grancie Grancy Grandama GranDee Grandgran Grandi Grandiose Grandma Grandmom Grandmother Grandmutter Grandnan Grandy Granee Granette Grani Granita Granma Granmama Granmanny Granmom Granna Granni Granny Granny-Mame Graylor Grea Greah Grimmi Grinni Grinny Gumma Gummy Hamma Happy Honey Huggy Hugme Hugs Jamagramma Jamma Jamma Kakie Khakie Kitty LaLa Lally Layla Leelo Lela Lilo Lola Lolli Lolly Lovey LoveyDovey Lula Lulu M'dear Mamabear Mamacita MamaMia Mamaw Mambo Mamey Mami Mammaw Mammi Mammy Mams Manni Marme Marmi MawMaw MaxiMa MayMay MayMay MayMay Maymee Mayna Maysi Mayzie Meema MeeMee Meemer MeeMo MeMa MeMaw MeMe MeMo MeMom Memot Mermie Mia Miami Mima Mimaw MiMi Mimma Mimmy Mimo Mimsy Mini Mini MiniMa Minny Minny Modie MoMa MoMar MoMaw Mombo Momette Mommo MomMom MomMom Mommoo MoMo Momsy Momsy Momsy Mona Monee Moo-Moo Moogie, Moogs Mooma MoreMama MoreMom Muddy Muff Muffer Muffy Mum Mumica Mummers Mumps Mumpy Mums Mumsey Mumsy MuMu Muna Nama Namma Nan Nana Nanamy Nanima Nanna Nanny Nano Nanoo Naunee Ne-ma Necie Neema Nema NeNe Nimo NiNi Ninna Ninni Ninny Noma Nona Nona NoNee Noni NoNi Nonna Nonni Nonnie Nonny Nonny Nooni NotherMother NuNu Ona Onie Onna OtherMother Pama Peaches Pebbles Pippa Pippy Pittypat Poma Pomma PomPom Puddy Pumpkin Punky Queen Bee QueenB Queenie Salsa Sew-Sew SewMa Shugie SloMa Snuggums Snuggy Snugs Soosa Sugar Sugie Sunny Sweetie Sweetums Tama Tamma Tammy Tamsy TeaMa TeeMa Tink Tinkerbell Tinky Toots Tootsie Twinkie Twinkles Uddermudder Uma Umma Unni Upsy Uttermutter Vanna Wela Wicky Womba Yama Yana YaYo
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