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The Short Version: I used to be normal, just an average person. I woke up, drank my coffee, filled my mini SUV with unleaded gas, and drove to Walmart. Then I became immersed in the dark world of art and design: where beautiful people, high-stakes, and danger are the name of the game. Really I'm just in it for the free pie, though. Yes. The beautiful people always get free pie... The Long Version: I've been an artist since I could pick up a crayon, and have spent the majority of my life working in graphic arts. I always just like to say, "I draw things." And I do. A few years ago, while I was working as a freelance graphic designer, I discovered the art of t-shirt design. I love it. There's nothing more satisfying than coming up with art that people want to wear on their chests. I've had my designs printed on various shirt sites around the web (Shirt.Woot, Goodjoe, and the like), and recently discovered that I could actually be making and selling these designs myself. What an "aha!" moment... I hope you'll take a look around my shop, and I hope you (at least somewhat) enjoy what you see. :)
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