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browe richard
Plzen, Czech Republic
Hi, I am freelance designer. I began drawing as a little boy and I enjoyed it allways. There was communistic regime in Czechoslovakia when I was boy. Children drawing and paintig russian tanks with Red flags every May in Kindergarden because they told us Sowjetunion won II. World War. The truth I recognized much later. I was born in Pilsen (Czech beer from Pilsen is world famous). Pilsen was liberated by US Army in May 1945. Our teachers in elementary school teached us that Red Army brough us the freedom. But some of us knew old photos from end of war from Grandpapas and Daddies neatly kept. One of my ancestor was born in Strasbourg. He left France and entered Austria-Hungary Army to fight Napoleon. Cousin of my father left from Czechoslovakia after Nazi occupation and entered RAF in Great Britain. Served as radio-operator on B-24 Liberator and kept anti-submarine patrols in Atlantic Ocean. He died in March 1945. I am very proud of both of them. I like history and military history. Especially Anglo Saxon history.
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