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Bridgeport, Texas, United States
The Center for Animal Research and Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, rescue, and long-term care for exotic animals. Located on 20 acres in Bridgeport, TX. CARE currently provides a permanent home to over 50 animals including bobcats, mountain lions, African lions, tigers, black and spotted leopards, ring-tail lemurs, llamas, and a coati. The animals of CARE come from a wide variety of places. Some of the animals were abused, abandoned, or bred to be the pets of private collectors before they came to the facility. Others were retired from performance acts, acquired from zoos which encountered financial difficulty, or taken in from other sanctuaries that reached their capacity. Regardless of an animal’s origins, they are all given tremendous love and world class husbandry when they find a home at CARE. CARE continues to evolve in order to best serve our mission of providing a safe, permanent, and loving home to exotic animals in need. CARE focuses on excellence in physical and emotional care, advocating animal welfare through education, and conducting minimally-invasive research with the aims of improving living conditions for captive animal populations world-wide. CARE relies entirely on support from the public, no funding is received from any government agency. The tireless devotion of our 100% volunteer staff to the welfare of these animals is the foundation on which the center was built. It is the organization’s volunteers and donors who hold the hope and promise for the future of the magnificent creatures that depend on CARE for their survival.
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