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Collective Good
Los Olivos, Ca, United States
I believe all living things have value and that it is our responsibility as conscience individuals to help this value be recognized. I believe all people deserve access to the same basic human rights, which includes nutrition, safety, family and choice. I believe it is not our government's responsibility to decide what others should consider family or to limit people's ability to make choices that reflect their own beliefs and values. I believe decisions should not be made in the absence of evidence that has been collected and analyzed by those who have demonstrated mastery to do so. I believe it is the responsibility of the president to delegate decision making to those most qualified to construct policies that reflect this evidence rather than their personal beliefs. I believe that it is our country's responsibility to behave in an exemplary manner given our volume of global influence and power. There is one Earth and it is comprised of a finite amount of matter. This matter cannot be created or destroyed but rather cycles through different forms. As a system, the Earth is successful in adjusting to many changes, but it cannot adjust when the rate of change exceeds it's capacity to do so. I believe it is our responsibility as global citizens to make individual choices that limit our impact and to raise our voices when our leaders refuse to do the same.
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