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tweeked photography and digitally created designs
London, Surrey
I started this store whilst I was 'playing' with my design program and its various tools. I either use my own photos to create fun and colourful designs or make designs from scratch. Not all designs are suitable for all products so I am pretty selective in the choice of what goes where. I love fractals, so I will occasionally base a design on a fractal. I am also starting to use my fairly newly acquired graphic pen to create text or picture frame for example.
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Comments (71)
SOMETHING SPECIAL commented on CoolCurves 19/12/2011
"Hello Dear Monique!"
I didn't get to write to you today, but hopefully tomorrow! Do hope you had a lovely day today. Your stores look so good! Hugs, Shirley
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Shirley Hirst commented on CoolCurves 11/04/2011
"Merci beaucoup!"
Merci de visiter mon nouveau magasin Monique, également pour vos compliments sur mes produits, vraiment apprécié! Thank you for joining my fan club too! I understood your kind comments, but don't know that much French, only basic! I can't spell it, so I do use the Google translator (have it on my Google Home Page) So, no, I'm not as clever as you might think!! Got the stores sorted, but have to use the Vintage Store as my base, because I made a mistake, and added my e-mail address in there. I think the chnages are good really, when one gets used to them!
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Shirley Hirst commented on CoolCurves 10/04/2011
"Hi Monique!"
Looking at the previous comment, it seems as if we are not the only people to have problems. I opted to sign in to my new Vintage Store with my e-mail, then when I tried to do this for my main store, I was informed that the address is already IN USE, but so far I have not found a way of adding all my stores onto my main store as before, so they would all be recognised as mine and one e-mail address would work for all. Will have to look into this again. Your store looks so bright and lovely. I always enjoy a visit!
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