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The Fear of Stupid People
United States
{dŭm'ăs-ə-fō'bē-ə} What is Dumasaphobia? You’ve had to deal with them at your job, co-workers and customers. You’ve had to deal with them on the streets, talking on the cellphone, putting on makeup, cutting you off, or not signaling their intentions. You deal with them at the store, on the phone and just about anywhere you go. You deal with them just about every day. If you work in customer service, it seems like they are the only people that contact you. Some are criminals and do stupid things like, commit a crime and then post about it on the internet. Or get caught on video. They cause injuries to others through their negligence. Who are they? They’re stupid people. If people like this make you afraid to go out, you may be suffering from Dumasaphobia.
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