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Wear what you love. We started for a simple reason: we love vintage motorcycles, but noticed there really weren’t a lot of cool motorcycle wearable’s and art out there. Sure, Harley and Indian t-shirts are plentiful, and you can find t-shirts with manufacturer logos, but nothing that really showcases the classic European bikes we dig. And that led to a larger idea. People love collecting, but unless you’re a person of great means, you can’t collect everything you’re into. So what’s the next best thing? Displaying your favorites on your body and your walls. Paying tribute to what you love. In the case of motorcycles, classic lines, roaring engines and the open road of days long gone. In the coming month’s we’ll be releasing more design series around different collectables and art. For now, please enjoy what’s here, and be sure to send us your feedback. Have questions, interested in bulk orders (dealers welcome) or just want to say “hey!”? Contact us via our website at
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Madinagoodway commented on emergers 05/08/2009
I love your stuff! You have a wicked sense of humour and a cool, simplistic, iconic style. Very nice design eye. If I ever needed a logo I'd come to you. Why don't you write a bit about yourself in your 'About' section?
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