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End the Fed Bumper sticker


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About this product
Style: Bumper Sticker

Make your car a reflection of you! Get your point across with this quality bumper sticker that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, and the most severe of traffic jams.

  • 28 X 7.7 cm (11" x 3"); Large enough for any message
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back
  • Printed with water-resistant ink that won't fade or run
  • Please note, stickers are fully printed and are not translucent or clear
  • No minimum order
About this design
End the Fed Bumper sticker
Do you know what the federal reserve does? O.K., good. Now, do you know who owns this private entity that creates American money, and charges America interest to do it? Nope. You can't. It's secret. That's right, it's impossible. Try it. Even Ron Paul, presidential candidate, 10 year congressman, and economist has tried and doesn't get any answers. We'll tell you one thing though, it's probably likely one high profile person living in a large white house knows...considering he is pushing to have this private, secret central bank have the power to regulate the largest financial markets in human history...our own. Abolish the Creature from Jekyll Island. Abolish the Federal Reserve. Take a look at this video by the Ludwig von Mises Institute for a primer on the Federal Reserve and the root of the economic problems we face.
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