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After five years eyebombing the school run there is merchandise ...
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
For a while now I've been sticking googly eyes on things to humanise them but recently a friend asked why I have no postcards available. 'I'd buy them,' she added. And it got me thinking, so here is a selection of my better eyebombs as cups, cards, and um ... that kind of thing. It started a few years after my son was born. My personal circumstances had become challenging, Real Life was demanding increasingly vast amounts of my attention. I was having to behave like one of the normals, and pretend I was an adult, for excruciatingly long periods of time and, basically, it was doing my head in. I realised that I needed some kind of hobby, something just for me, but which, at the same time, would take mere seconds each day because I had such pathetic amounts of ‘me time’ to spare. In short, I needed something a little bit punk rock to cheer myself up. Enter eyebombing. Next time we were out with the push chair sheepishly, apologetically, I stuck a tiny pair of eyes on a lamp post. Clearly, my son thought it was funny. Well, he would, because he was three years old, but as I hurriedly stuffed the bag of eyes back in my pocket a businesswoman walking past saw the eyes and laughed. That was it. Now, as Thelma told Louise, 'Something's crossed over in me. I can't go back.' Eyebombing is something that you can do for you and nobody else, something pretty harmless to cheer you up and even better, make others chuckle too. At the same time, you get to call yourself a 'street artist' and know that you are producing 'urban art'. You get to be out there and edgy like Banksy or someone without all the tiresome effort of having to actually BE out there and edgy. If you think eyebombing looks fun feel free to join my facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/369964093397829/ or follow me on instagram: I'm eyebombtheschoolrun on there. If you see anything in either of those places that you'd like me to make into merchandise feel free to request it. Have a good day.
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