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EyeOnVision.Org Visual Snow Awareness Pin


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EyeOnVision.Org Visual Snow Awareness Pin
Designed for youby TaySays Art
Square Badge
5.1 cm (2")
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Shape: Square Badge

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  • Dimensions: 5 cm l x 5 cm w
  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar
  • Round badges available too
  • Made in U.S.A.
About This Design
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EyeOnVision.Org Visual Snow Awareness Pin
Featuring the QR link to the gofundme page, as well as the website address for the Eye on Vision Foundation, this pin seeks to raise awareness for the little-known condition, Visual Snow Syndrome. Many thousands of people around the world suffer symptoms fitting the description of Visual Snow, but very few have a diagnosis as so few doctors know about it. Many of these patients have had other diseases ruled out by undergoing tests such as MRI scans, retinal exams, blood testing for infectious diseases, and more. The wording featured on this badge was taken directly from my own medical records. In addition to the symptoms shown, I suffer from permanent near-central Scotoma (blind spots in my vision) in both eyes, for which I am also undiagnosed. Due to the neurological nature of Visual Snow and its unknown cause, its effects can be extremely varied. But some common symptoms include: Visual static (snow), tinnitus, palinopsia (afterimages), Blue-Field Entoptic Phenomenon, headaches, floaters, and trailing. Currently there is only one team of researchers in the world that are studying Visual Snow Syndrome. As it's so little-known, finding a source of funding for the research has been unsuccessful. The only funding they receive is raised by public donations to EyeOnVision.Org. Wearing this badge will increase awareness of the disease and hopefully encourage people to donate on the spot using the QR code!
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