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A card company is a foolish business.
Denver, CO, United States
We make foolish greeting cards for the lovable fools in your life. Don't get suckered into paying for individual shipping, join Zazzle Black (at $9.99) for free shipping on many of your foolish Zazzle purchases. Folly cards may be blunt; they may use sarcasm ad nauseam; and they may not adhere to the typical list of occasions, but they capture feelings most cards in stores gloss over with false sympathy and in-your-face humor. Our cards are honest, witty (we think so), and refreshingly original, and they make fine gifts to share with friends and loved ones. Find your face of folly. We know our cards do not always perfectly capture your intent. If so, cross out our message and write your own! Don't like the portrait? Replace it with one of your own! With somewhere-in-the-neighborhood of 22% more free space on our cards compared to other conventional cards (quantitative data pending), there's plenty of real estate to capture just the right thing. The cross-out-method also makes our cards reusable for those low on cash or who adore the card and want to share its glory with others (it's understandable). Share, repurpose, and reuse our cards for all occasions. Your friends will be so impressed!
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Colin Heffern