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Hyperbole and a Half
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alibabble commented on ickybana5 24/11/2010
"Designs that work on dark fabric & Playing with Toys T-shirt"
Could you puhleeeeease make an ALOT shirt (or any other one besides the unicorn – no offence meant to unicorns...seriously!) that can be seen on dark fabric? I guess that only the writing would have to change color (probably to white) and whites could be added to his eyes (because if you look at the ALOT on red he looks evil, which I don’t think is his best look - unless the caption were to read "I'm angry alot"). I don’t wear pale colors because they are not my friends - they make me look like a ghost ;( - so dark tee friendly designs would be awesome! Also I second EdnaLaverne’s request to put the “I went and played with my toys, but I did not enjoy it” picture from the Cake blog on a t-shirt. I think that’s one of the best pictures on your site – I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a kid (or at some stage been the kid) with that expression on their face! Priceless! ;D
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Art by Sandra Lock commented on ickybana5 20/10/2010
cute store, a really cheering place to visit, Thank you :D Lots of luck...I'm off to see if I can find your pain scale on something to buy. I have fibro and it's MUCH better than anything else I've seen.
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4J__UK commented on ickybana5 24/07/2010
I just bought your procrastination mug! I wish I could afford to buy EVERYTHING here!
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