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You have to know where you came from to know where you're going.
Tucson, AZ
It's all about the Roots. My roots reach long from my birth place in southern Connecticut across the Atlantic to my ancestors' birthright in Europe. My parents, one German and one Yugoslavian (now Croatia) met and married in post-World War II Germany; the year was 1956. They were both war-weary survivors, embraced their wanderlust and shared a strong desire to offer their offspring a legacy different from the one they chose to leave behind. I was made in Germany and born in the USA... one foot in each continent; straddling the Atlantic; continually working my balance. My parents were pioneers possessing true grit: they spoke no English (till later), yet they arrived hopeful and fearless to create a new life. Their role modeling of how to be in this life greatly inspired, supported and nudged me forward. I am a self-taught multi-disciplinary Artist and Arts Educator. In addition to my cultural roots, my work is also inspired by science, philosophy and ancient Goddess cultures which I have researched for over twenty years through spiritual and archaeological publications, papers, films and lectures, wherever and whenever possible. The seeds for this store, then, are planted in rich humus, growing steadfastly in all directions to influence, inspire, invite and enrich all it touches. Please enjoy!
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