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East Peoria, IL, United States
Staley Krause and Leah Nieman met when their kids were young. They were both out in public during the school day and made the homeschool connection. Their kids have been best friends and they have been partners in crime ever since. While both Leah and Staley decided to homeschool their kids, they also recognized some fun aspects of their own more traditional school experience, in particular Spirit Week and all the fun associated with it. In 2011, the two decided that homeschool kids have just as not, if not more spirit and International Homeschool Spirit Week was launched. Homeschool Spirit Week encourages homeschool kids and families from all over the world to join together in one big community and show their spirit during the 4th week of September every year. In 2017 Homeschool Spirit Week continues to grow under the leadership of Leah Nieman and Marci Goodwin. Our 7th year brings a new logo, merchandise, and additional events running year round. We’re truly grateful for our homeschooling community.
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