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Mobilizing kids who care to help kids in need.
Athens, GA
So many of us have been given so much. We have food, clothes, clean water, an opportunity to go to school, safety, and the chance to determine our own future. We don’t wake up starving or in fear of our lives. We don’t have to be the parent as a pre-teen or go to war as a young kid. Many of us haven’t lost our family due to HIV or have to worry about getting to a hospital if we are sick. Right now, there are 2.2 billion kids on our planet. One billion of them live in some sort of poverty. So many kids around the world live in fear, in hopelessness, and in darkness. They couldn't choose what situation they were born into. They didn’t deserve the life that they live. It’s our responsibility to help. Out of the overflowing of our gratitude, we need to stand up and choose to make a difference in the lives of these kids. No one should live a life without hope, without love, or without faith. JamQuest strives to bring that faith, hope, and love to these kids in need. Imagine if one billion kids decided to care to and to help those one billion other kids out of poverty. One kid helping one kid at a time. We would not only break the cycle of poverty in their lives but we would raise up a new generation of leaders that are driven and motivated to serve. JamQuest wants to mobilize kids who care to help kids in need. We are determined to train and raise up young people to change the world through service. When a child is instilled with faith, hope, and love it transforms communities. Many of the kids JamQuest has served have said that they want to help others kids in the same way that they have been helped. When you decide to care, it sets a cycle of hope into motion. We want to give people all the resources they need to change the lives of other people in need. We are driven to raise money, raise awareness, raise up young leaders, and raise the roof! We believe that we can change the world one person at a time. We just need to do it together!
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