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How do you express yourself?
Aichi, Japan
I've been drawing since I was a child. Until now, it's always some how got thrown on the back-burner. Not anymore, at last I'm biting down, swallowing my fear and putting it out there. From simple and cute to dark and insane. I draw, design and enjoy it all. Usually leaning to one extreme or the other. Happy? Disgruntled with life? Things going well? Not so well? I hope to have something that you can express yourself with. What do those Chinese characters mean? The top character 裸 means 'naked' or 'uncovered' the second one 夢 means 'dream'. They are to be read together as 'ramu', pronounced the same way as 'lamb' is pronounced in Japanese. Lamb being my surname. So what does that exactly mean…? Some of my darker art works are raw emotions, in a sense 'naked'. As much as I love drawing and creating art, sharing always makes me feel vulnerable, again like a kind of nakedness. Why are there sheep jumping around the logo? Because my surname is 'Lamb'. What kind of art do I like? Who or what are my inspirations? Salvador Dalí, Takato Yamamoto, Takehiko Inoue, and Fuyuko Matsui. I prefer dark, realistic or surreal art. I like fine details and intense emotion in works. On the lighter side, I love Jim Davis’ Garfield. I also love the simplicity of Simon Tofield’s Simon's Cat. I'm not an avid reader of Japanese manga, but I particularly love the cover art of many. I have many styles, my cartoons tend to have over the top expressions. My dark works often have contorted, gaunt figures with melting elements, or some kind of liquid, sticking, splashing or spilling. Themes are often about fear, regret, sadness, anger and other emotions. I try to personify these feelings as people or creatures. What mediums do I use? Most of the time I use pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels, water colours, or Copic markers, charcoal, ink, spray paint, tea, make-up, OK... anything. For digital works: Adobe Illustrator / Wacom tablet
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