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Exquisite nature designs celebrating beauty of life and the earth
Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Kevin is a disabled artist who is living with a dissected aorta. He believes each breath is a gift and every morning an opportunity to share the wonders of life through illustrations of wildflowers, herbs, native plants, wildlife, the marvelous ecosystems and habitat we live in for such a short time here on our planet, and of course, the amazing body we each are gifted with. Kevin suffered a devasting aortic dissection in 2011. His near death experience while in surgery to replace his aortic valve and ascending aorta has inspired him to create illustrations of life. Though his daily physical challenges are significant, Kevin finds peace in appreciating each breath and in the grandeur of the ocean beaches, swamps, wildflowers and wildlife of his home state, Florida. Through illustrations such as those included in his store, Kevin wishes to encourage appreciation of the natural world in which we live. "To gaze upon a flower or observe a feeding butterfly brings more peace and serenity to our worried souls than all medicines" is one of his favorite sayings. Kevin hopes to share Gaia's glory through his illustrations. Suitable for custom and beautiful personalized cards, organic cotton tee shirts, can coolers, playing cards or most all products offered here on Zazzle, Kevin's designs are original art, mostly inspired by his viewing of the actual specimen. Kevin's goal is ultimately to become a mobile member of society again. His immediate goal is to work towards raising the funds to go to Cleveland Clinic and petition to have his driver's license reinstated. The State has revoked his license on medical grounds, deeming his remaining dissected aorta and medications make him unsafe to drive. Kevin has worked with doctors trying to reverse this revocation decision but because dissection survivors are a rarity and little is know about dissection, doctors are hesitant to approve. Enjoy Kevin's art on your favorite Zazzle product!
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