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Lawyers are just like people, so I create original law-related art.
Cleveland, Ohio
Most fans of popular tv & movie dramas (or comedies), small claims tv courts, televised court trials, and/or legal novels, have never been a party in a lawsuit (on either side) and a majority of them never will; but that hasn't stopped folks from thinking they have a grasp on how the justice system & legal process works. I was one of the unfortunate ones to learn first-hand just how different the system actually works when I was unwittingly ensnared in a lawsuit that dragged on for 12-odd years without ever getting to trial! As a result, I've been ignored, neglected, robbed, black-mailed, terrorized, and yes, even comforted, respected, and honored by a ridiculous number of lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, and judges; from the best of the bad guys to the best of the good guys & gals. The one unexpected thing that stood out for me was the forehead-smacking discovery that all members of the law profession & justice system, are actually people, too! I say that sincerely and NOT sarcastically or rude. When I recognized their humanity, it turned on a little Zen switch in my heart & mind, allowing me to turn that horrendous stress into a calming, creative & productive new skill: i.e. exploring & expanding my artistic abilities. It only seems right to return this unintended gift of enlightenment by creating original art w/ law-related themes and applying the results to practical products Legal Professionals want or need. ...It also doesn't hurt knowing that with each product sold, I can recoup a few cents to a few dollars towards those mind-boggling legal fees & costs I had to shell out; not to mention the remaining true value of the original theft and embezzlement which I never received.
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