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A nonpartisan, educational event to celebrate science in San Diego.
San Diego, CA, United States
The proceeds from products sold here will contribute to event permits, insurance, and equipment for the March for Science - San Diego. This will be an educational, nonpartisan event that will highlight San Diego's leadership in scientific innovation among more than 300 other events being organized for April 22, 2017 worldwide. March for Science - San Diego is an adamantly nonpartisan group made up of scientists, engineers, and science enthusiasts, who have joined to represent San Diego in globally coordinating Marches for Science. We include people of all backgrounds and beliefs, united by our awe for the universe and grounded by recognition of the contributions science makes to our everyday lives, including our health, technology and economy. Our goal is to encourage communication between scientists and the public, while highlighting the importance of public policy that both supports, and is supported by science. To achieve this, we are planning a positive, peaceful, family-friendly, and educational event that will draw both scientists and science supporters. The March for Science -San Diego is supported by more than 25 scientific organizations, including AAAS and Sigma Xi. Our event will be held in downtown San Diego on April 22, 2017. We plan to march from the Civic Center through downtown to Harbor Drive, with a crowd filled with scientists, engineers, students, teachers, and science enthusiasts. The event will feature a coordinated set of activities, including speakers, a peaceful march through the city, and public educational events that highlight the local scientific community, from hobbyists to entrepreneurs to academic researchers. We at March for Science - San Diego are looking forward to seeing you downtown on April 22 and would like to thank you again for helping support this historic event!
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March For Science: San Diego 2017
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