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Passionate Apathy
Long Beach, California, United States
I started some years ago experimenting with photographing illustrations I had drawn, piecing them together to create abstractions of objects entirely different from their original subject matter. Knowing not what to do with any of this imagery sitting in the pile where forgotten things go, I decided to see if anyone out there might also see some sense in this senselessness, and so I put it up for sale on the site you now have before you. There is no meaning to be found here, the shapes and colors that constitute my work have nothing to say, I will spare you the facade of philosophy. My only hope is that you, like I, can come to imbue these strange distortions with your own meaning. It is you, and you alone, who can make any of this mean anything at all. With that said, I deeply appreciate your visit to my store, and hope you enjoy what is offered.
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