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Spread the Fire of His Love
Covina, California, United States
I wish to share my faith with others and inspire them with what I believe are scriptural and spiritual truths. I share out of love for God and others. I long to see the captives set free. He alone can set our hearts on fire. When ever you hear or see verses quoted from ANY person or source, I believe it is a good idea to look it up yourself and read the whole chapter. You may have heard it many times and think you have been taught the true meaning, that may not be the case. It is best to look it up to be more likely to find the true intended meaning. This is called reading in context. If you let someone take a verse out of the Bible and tell you what they think it means and you just accept it, you are trusting in mankind. Lean not unto your own understanding or that of other people. Seek the Truth with your whole heart through prayer and meditation. May God be with you always.
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