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A store for the ladies of the Mustang Mamas FB Group & Mustang lovers
Covington, Washington
Mustang Mamas is a Facebook group for Women who love the Ford Mustang. You don't have to own a Mustang, you just need to love them. In this day and age of male driven hobbies, one being cars, Mustang Mamas is a port in the storm for women. The ever popular blue, black and grey colors are dull. The oh so obvious "Women's" products are pink, sometimes sparkly and very cliche. The Mustang Mamas have their own jackets for female Mustang owners in Washington, Oregon, Canada, and further. They allow us to go to a car show and recognize another Mustang Mamas by their jacket. Another Mustang Mamas goal is to blur the lines between Mustang clubs. So that a female member of any club can join the group and stay in their club. Mustang Mamas is all about inclusion not exclusion. Any woman Mustang owner or just a Mustang lover can join the group and buy a jacket or purchase items at the store. Lastly, if Mustang Mamas ever did turn into a club it would only be an accompaniment to all the previously established Mustang clubs. Something to bridge the gap and bring everyone together in this hobby we love.
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