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abstract art watercolors
Hoodsport, WA
My art creations began in a time of great sorrow. My son Matthew was diagnosed with an inoperable terminal brain cancer and then my husband died a few months later. Through sorrow my art paintings journey began. it provides me comfort and a way to express myself through color, shapes. Now it is time for a new beginning. The Rising up of the Matthew Joshua Project - The Land of Hope. In honor of my son Matthew with brain cancer and my nephew Joshua living in the streets with mental illness I give it the Matthew Joshua name. It is my dream of providing those who have lost hope a home and opportunities to learn work skills, an opportunity for them to help others and a time to simply just play. The proceeds of my art sales will go toward helping to funding my dream The Matthew Joshua Project. I am grateful for having such a loving God beside me as I go on forward in my journey.
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Trudy Spangler