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American Dad
Bananas For My Daddy
Daddy is My Hero (Boys & Girls)
Daddy's Baseball Champ
Daddy's Bowling Buddy
Daddy's Boy Stick Figure
Daddy's Busy Bee
Daddy's Champion Racer
Daddy's Co-pilot (boy)
Daddy's Co-pilot (girl)
Daddy's Fairy Princess
Daddy's First Mate Sailor
Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Helper Carpentry
Daddy's Helper Computer
Daddy's Helper Computer Games
Daddy's Helper Gardening
Daddy's Helper Gear
Daddy's Karate Kid
Daddy's Lil Speedster
Daddy's Lil Squirt
Daddy's Little Angel (Boy)
Daddy's Little Angel (GIrl)
Daddy's Little Artist
Daddy's Little Buddy (alligator)
Daddy's Little Bug Catcher
Daddy's Little Co-pilot
Daddy's Little Fire Breathing Monster
Daddy's Little Lamb (girl)
Daddy's Little Monkey
Daddy's Little Monster
Daddy's Little Princess
Daddy's Little Slugger
Daddy's Little Soldier
Daddy's Little Soldier (boy)
Daddy's Little Stinker
Daddy's Princess (frog)
Daddy's Rocket Boy
Daddy's Sunshine
Dad's Fishing Buddy
Dad's Pit Crew
Dad's Princess
Diaper Hazmat
Father Keeper of the Remote
Father Urban Skull
Father: I Am My Own Stunt Double
Fishing Dad
Fishing With My Dad
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