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Tanks and More
Tanks, planes, trucks, helicopters, ships and more!
Thanks for visiting my store! Here you'll find all kinds of unique gifts featuring military, transport and historical subjects. From World War 2 and modern tanks and trucks, to warships, helicopters and fighter jets! All with artwork I've created - its the perfect place to find that special gift!
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World War 2 Warship
Challenger Main Battle Tank
DH.82 Tiger Moth Vintage Biplane
Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank
T-72 Russian Main Battle Tank
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
Spitfire World War 2 Fighter Plane
M113 and Huey, Vietnam War
Harrier Jet Fighter-Bombers
T-34, Soviet World War 2 Tank
M60 Main Battle Tank
M8 Greyhound, WW2 Armoured Car
Tiger and Jagdpanther, WW2 German Panzers
Panzer III, German WW2 Tank
Whippet, World War 1 Tank
World War 2 Special Forces 4x4
Lovecraft Style Horror Ambulance
M4 Sherman WW2 American Tank
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Oliver Cook
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