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Past Lives
Comments (4)
Past Lives commented on PastLives 19/12/2011
Actually, I'm not using the work of Banksy at all (as you are no doubt well aware)! I manipulated an old image and had the figure in it look as if he was carving 'Banksy' into the tree. If Banksy wants to buy my stuff, I'd be more than happy to swap some of his work for mine. In fact when I last spoke to him, he recommended that everyone should buy the merchandise in my store =)
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StiKtoonz commented on PastLives 22/11/2009
"Lovely work"
Love the store. Fantastic merchandise.
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Past Lives commented on PastLives 18/11/2009
Thank you Suzanne, from Hobart, Australia for purchasing two of my 'Early Banksy' T-Shirts!
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