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Inexpensive gifts for phlebotomy technicians.
Jackson, Michigan
As a designer of occupation logos, and a regular blood and platelet donor, I decided to start a line of designs for phlebotomists.
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American Society Of Phlebotomists
Be the Needle!
Beware of the Phlebotomist
Do not feed the Phlebotomist
Legion of Evil Phlebotomists
Mars Command Phlebotomy Division
Phlebotomist / Argue
Phlebotomist / Wake
Phlebotomist with Needle Logo
Phlebotomy - Live the Dream
Phlebotomy - Occupation of Kings
Phlebotomy - Poke - Extract - Process
Phlebotomy / Lunar Base 7
Phlebotomy / Sit Down
Phlebotomy Division - Galactic Conquest Command
Phlebotomy, Epic Vocation
Renegade Phlebotomists
Show Me Your Veins
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Richard Kruse
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