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If you don't vote, you can't complain
Lick Fork, VA
Customizable Election 2016 template shirts, buttons, stickers, hats, mugs, posters and yard signs that also can be used for any candidate: for president, state representative, senate, congress,governor, mayor, city council, city hall, town hall, sheriff, school board, judge, school president or other political campaign - you name it. We here at the Polling Station believe in our freedom, our Bill of Rights and our sacred family values. We will not stand for an America where violent video game makers and Somali pirates can sabotage our innocent children. We want an America where military-industrial warmongers and biased media insiders can't undermine our cherished national parks. We support our precious oil supply, our right to transparency and our love for Jesus. We have faith in our perseverance, our founding fathers' dreams and our brave firefighters. We want a president who will protect our innovation, our perseverance and our faith in Jesus and who is not taking donations from internet pornographers, backroom deal-makers and drug companies.
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